Pinnacle™ Cascade, non-PVC performance coated fabric

Cascade is the foundation of OMNOVA Solutions’ NEW Pinnacle™ brand of high performance non-PVC coated fabrics designed for a range of applications. It has been engineered to deliver a balance of luxuriously, soft hand with the performance needs of many demanding interior environments. Cascade is the first urethane upholstery to feature the “often imitated, yet never duplicated” PreFixx® protective finish, which resists stain penetration for unique, long-term protection. It is easily cleaned and stays looking new longer than most alternative urethane and vinyl upholstery. Additionally, Cascade has been engineered for chemical resistance to stains from many common cleaning and disinfecting agents used in healthcare environments. Designed for a reduced environmental footprint, Cascade does not contain PVC, phthalates or plasticizers. It complies with CPSIA Section 101: Lead and Section 108: Phthalates and has been formulated to comply with RoHS directive and E.U. REACH chemicals regulation.


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