QuaDror System // A New Structural Joint by Dror Benshetrit

Who ever said that pleasure wasn't functional? This Eames' quote resonates in me as I share with you some great news to not only the design world but all of us. At this year's Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa, Studio Dror presented their arduous work of 'Quadror,' a four year process of countless collaborations, experiments and tests that led to an inventive, transformative and exemplary solution that will do a lot good in many places. 'Quadror' is a unique space truss geometry invented by Dror Benshetrit, that produces structural efficiency and introduces an array of creative initiatives. Seems rigid but on the contrary, this space truss geometry is extremely flexible in the types of uses that it applies to, and it has yet to reach its full extension to different applications. This joint, when solitary, can be used as a simple support to a side table but when multiplied it becomes a structural framework for homes, an acoustical skin on a highway and a extraordinary solution to disaster shelter and informal urban housing. It is time to use design to solve the challenges we face. Studio Dror is a great example of on how design can not only inspire change but actually implement it. A moment of serenity initiated the potential of this joint and through collaboration it grew into this transformative system that tackles solutions in urban design, transportation, architecture, public art and philanthropy. The space truss geometry adapts to many uses such as the fast pace growth of our urban fabric. A few years back with surpassed the majority of global population to urban and that number is not slowing down. This type of growth creates an array of opportunities but also many challenges. With many growing cities in Africa, Latin America and the East, shelter and homelessness is a growing challenge. 'Quadror' is one example of how the process of design can assist many of our core urban challenges.

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