Tron-esque Chaparral Electric Warehouse

Are warehouses supposed to look this cool? Are warehouses in Albuquerque, New Mexico supposed to look this cool? (No offense, Albuquerque). We’re not sure how we’re only now seeing this sweet structure by Albuquerque firm Mullen Heller Architecture that was completed in 2008, but we’re sure glad our eyes have had a chance to glance at its sexy sleekness and hypnotizing glowy-ness. From their website..."Canted white metal panels were suspended off the pre-engineered building structure for a modern sculptural facade. Slots between the white panels create movement made even more dramatic by LED lighting. The “lantern” on the corner of the building, created by simple translucent panels, works with the LED pattern to reinforce the owner’s business – electrical lighting and contracting."


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