A mattress for modern design lovers!

Atlanta based de Courcy & Company introduces the first mattress collection for modern design lovers Discover the Collection at Highpoint Market April 2-7, 2011 – Platinum Building – 330 Wrenn Street Who hasn’t dreaded the prospect of choosing and buying a mattress? Isn’t the experience frustrating, confusing, a hassle, overwhelming, totally unsatisfying or all of the above? That’s what we felt too when we tried to buy a mattress for our contemporary bed and that’s why we decided to create two simple, yet luxurious, latex mattress collections, designed specifically for platform beds. The collections, Hevea Grove™ and Invigo™ are a tribute to our European heritage and style and our intimate personal knowledge and love of the American way of life. The Hevea Grove mattresses come in a simple “good-better-best” proposition. They look so stunning that you will almost regret covering them up! Latex mattresses truly offer the best sleeping comfort due to their naturally inherent elasticity, breathability and hypoallergenic properties. Add to that the beautiful natural cover materials (cotton, Belgian Linen and silk) and the result is hard to resist… Welcome to the Grove! The Hevea Grove collection is available at select modern and contemporary furniture retailers. About de Courcy & Company Atlanta-based de Courcy & Company is an upstart in the world of bedding. Launched in 2008 by Belgian natives Marc and Barbara de Courcy-Ireland, we pioneer affordable, well-designed, and natural latex products for the home. Behind the original Invigo™ and Hevea Grove™ collections is a real family, with a real passion for simple latex solutions. We believe mattresses and mattress shopping shouldn’t be complicated, and we’ve made it our mission to bring latex mattresses into real homes across America. For details contact: Sarah Lopez, Sales and Marketing 404-559-9916 • sarah@decourcyco.com Download images, technical specs, and more at: decourcyco.com/media or shop Invigo online at: Amazon.com

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