Alemanys 5 by Anna Noguera

Located in the core part of Girona's medieval quarter, within the scope of the first wall and overlooking the Plaça de Sant Domènec, is the property Alemanys 5, whose original building dates from the Sixteenth Century. Its recent restoration integrates old and new, where sober and clean lines look for the enjoyment of essential elements such as space, light, shadow, fire, stone, water or silence. The house, brilliantly renovated by Spanish architect Anna Noguera, offers two vacation apartments: El Jardí can host up to five people with access to a garden and pool. El Badiu is a duplex in the upper two floors sleeping 5 to 6 people. Alemanys 5 is the newest addition to Welcome Beyond, a website promoting the most beautiful and unique vacation properties & boutique hotels worldwide.


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