Carmel Valley by Turnbull Griffin

This is a warm wooden home created by Turnbull Griffin Architect. This home located on a sloping site in the Santa Lucia Preserve in Carmel Valley, the house fronts onto open grassland overlooking a ranch in the valley below. The owner wanted a compound that recalled their memories of summers spent in the Catskills. This home have two main building that linked by an open log arcade to cabins that climb up the hill and nestle into the oak forest. The house incorporates many sustainable materials and design features. The exterior walls are built using gunned earth ansd the other ones were built using recycled re-sawn cedar siding. The floors are recycled oak, and all other lumber used in the project was either certified or sustainably harvested. The zinc roof is non-reflective and long-lasting. The mass of the sprayed earth walls and well located operable windows keep the indoor spaces comfortable.


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