Copper and Lumasite fish pendant by Arch11

It wasn't planned that Boulder-based Arch11 designed and crafted these fish pendants for the Denver restaurant JAX Fish House. The firm just couldn't find a pre-made light that fit their design. "We really wanted something that was both figuratively in keeping with the menu and materially looked like it may have been dragged from the ocean," said Arch11 principal E.J. Meade. "We made a mock up of the shape in cardboard and thought of the parts overlapping like scales. It was also important that the light quality of the fixture be diffuse -- more a glow than specular. Arch11 patina-ed the copper themselves with ammonia. This created a blue patina. The next step was applying muriatic acid (being careful not to mix the two!) to get a green shade. Arch11 hand-rubbed the finish between applications. The diffuse material is the pendant is LUMAsite, a resin and fiber product used in commercial wall and skylight systems. Arch11 sanded the surface with an orbital sander to remove any sheen. The light was finished with a few pop rivets and some wire. Then the shade was complete.


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