The perfection of the sphere condenses metaphorically all the matter in the universe: the sphere stretches itself out until it turns into a spindle, as it would be squeezed by the space, empty and immaterial but not neutral and indifferent. This luminous and energetic space eats away the solid stainless steel surface, inexorably, as evidence of the life’s flow. The v-shaped stainless steel plate try to constrain the composition that fluctuates weightlessness, so that the apex of the spindle forestalls the spherical end. The movement of this out-of-equilibrium drop is frozen: an instant of its life is captured for eternity. Coat and clothes hook. Year of production: 2011. Dimensions: cm 11,5 x 13,5 x 13,5. Materials: stainless steel, aluminium. Design: Massimiliano Pavon Manufacturer: INSILVIS


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