Rondo, Seder plate recycled oak wine barrel head

Rondo is made with a recycled oak wine barrel head, beautifully reinvented into this elegant Seder plate. The large platter accommodates six white ceramic bowls, each placed in its own groove at the center of every ‘petal’; the platter sits on clever little feet made with unused, sealed wine bottle corks. Rondo can make a great serving platter as well and will look exquisite when placed as a centerpiece on your dinner table. Rondo is s very unique and elegant housewarming gift, holiday or birthday present. Rondo’s top is stained with the red wine previously held in the barrel and complemented with a rich cherry chocolate color, while the underside is in a warm golden oak. On some pieces the underside may show the marking from the barrel’s cooperage. Rondo’s measurements are about 19”in diameter at the largest point of the ‘petals’ and about 1 6/8 high; the plates are approximately 6” on the longest side, 4 1/2 on the shorter and 1 1/2” high)


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