Bota Bota, a Floating Spa by Sid Lee Architecture

Bota Bota, a floating spa designed by Sid Lee Architecture, is the latest reincarnation of a 57-year-old ferryboat in Montreal’s Old Port. The ferry originally connected two cities in Quebec in the 1950s and then at Expo 67, the ferry became a floating art center named L’Escale. Creating a floating spa out of a boat that had been docked for years provided a unique challenge. The vessel was completely gutted and the engines were removed to offer more space and to help with weight restrictions. The spa’s key concept is linking the spa and marine world. Bota Bota uses the marine world in its logo, signage and stationary and Sid Lee Architecture worked to make the spa feel like ocean liner and allow for introspection as well as views of the city while traveling through the five different levels.


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