Chef's Knife

I've made a little cradle with a flexible clevis at the top to "prove" the balance point for the photo. Most chef's blades have a balance point forward of the bolster. This knife is unusual in that it's balance point is BEHIND the bolster ON THE HANDLE. As usual I've done something in my fabrication which is completely counter to the popular model as to what's accepted as"correct", in a kitchen knife. As I said before,I made this knife for my own use and couldn't give a fig for prevailing opinion. To my mind it works SO MUCH BETTER than conventional models,that I will NEVER be satisfied with a kitchen knife with balance point ahead of the bolster... There is so much bullshit to wade through in the world, and many decisions about what is "right"based not on what works the best for us personally, but rather on historical tradition or "convention. We are all subject to this cultural conditioning and it often takes many years to realize these choices are not of our own making but imposed upon us. As we are all of us INDIVIDUALS and multi-dimensional beings,let us liberate ourselves from the one-size-fits-all mentality that marketing and sheep consciousness infects in our world and return to the source of our own thoughts and needs for real creativity and aesthetics...


Materialized by

Stephen Fitz-Ge

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