Crenelated Silicon Bronze Sink, with mirror polish

Here's one of my handmade sinks ready to be integrally cast in a polished cement countertop in collaboration with my friends at This sink comes as a stand alone vessel sink as well with a nice "foot" or rim on the bottom for surface mount configurations. Each sink is handmade using special dies and an 85 ton frame press. as the blank gets pushed into the dies it starts to deform and "crenelate".I've learned how to control this process so the bends are not too tight (for ease of cleaning and maintenance. I present these amorphic shaped designs in bronze,copper,or stainless steel,though mirror polishing is an upcharge. I am and have always been an advocate of ORGANIC DESIGN (mimicking natural forms) and try with nearly all of my SITE SPECIFIC DESIGNS to visually harken back to Nature...


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