Montblanc House by Studio Velocity

Studio Velocity faced a unique challenge: create an open space in a tightly enclosed space, specifically a residential neighborhood. The result is the Montblanc House in Okazaki, Japan, a three-story gable-house-shape with a continuous exterior space from the first to third floor under a large inclined roof. There are five large opening in the inclined roof, which allows natural light and air into the home. The windows lack sashes, which creates a different scale from the surrounding homes and creates a larger scale around the area as if the model is enlarged. Studio Velocity also worked to create the feeling of open spaces by mimicking the feeling of walking a forest path and being gentle encircled by trees. To do this in a home, there are many semi-exterior spaces that are connected and gently covered with a large, luminous roof. The feeling of open spaces is also created through the various angles and heights of the home, which hide the views of neighboring homes and helps give a sense that the neighboring houses don’t exist.


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