SKLI Max fused glass LED Pendant by FINNE Architects

This dramatic hanging fixture measures approximately 8-feet long and 2-feet wide, and has three stainless LED lamp holders with cable supports for a sensuous plane of fused glass, which has a texture reminiscent of wrinkled silk. The stainless lamp holders are in fact recycled stainless martini shakers! The fixture distributes light in two ways: first, some light is reflected up to the ceiling; second, soft light filters down through the fused glass plane. The texture of the glass is achieved by placing hundreds of 1/16” glass rods on top of a clear glass base sheet, and then fusing the glass in a high temperature kiln. The three LED lamps are highly energy-efficient, consuming only 6 watts each. There is a magic that transpires when glass is struck by light, it is almost as if the glass surface becomes light itself.


Materialized by

Nils Finne

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