"Squaring the Circle"

Here's the large iteration of my current Sacred Geometry theme of "Squaring the Circle" (but in three dimensions). The ancient geometers exercise is here transformed to three dimensional spherical geometry and ALLUDES to the cube and sphere intersected of equal volume. I say alludes because it's close but perhaps not EXACT...like the original exercise... Plasma cut silicon bronze plate welded DIRECTLY to laser cut stainless steel cold-formed concave discs. I had a whole day last week at one of my industrial suppliers and they let me use their 100 ton press all day long without any interruptions...I pressed a whole bunch of these stainless discs of varying diameters into nearly perfect concave shapes of several radius's using my selection of dies. I was high as a kite when I got home ,knowing these parts are the raw material for sculptures for the next 6 months... All the discs are recycled scrap from laser cutting. This piece is available for purchase. Please note me for pricing.

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