The Recovery of Discovery, Cyprien Gaillard

It sounds like a dream come true: a mountain of 72,000 beers, which allows guests to climb up and drink the beer. However, artist Cyprien Gaillard had much more in mind with his installation, The Recovery of Discovery. The Efes beer was transported from Turkey to Germany and when guests climb the sculpture they are apart of the pieces destruction, simulation the concepts for displacement and tourist colonialism. According to Gaillard, “Despite the geographic origin of alcohol often being of great importance to the consumer, the provenience seems to become more and more unimportant, as its consumption increases,’ Gaillard explains. ‘Along the lines of the gradual destruction of the sculpture, the alcohol gradually dispels and destroys both body and mind. The physical hangover is also an architectural one, from which one has to recover.” Many of Gaillard’s work explores the concept of displacement and destruction as relics and cultural monuments are often relocated in order to preserve them, but this causes them to lose their original context and often lead to reinterpretations.


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