Unique Geometric Wooden Furniture

A true master of geometry and wood, conception and craft is furniture designer Vito Selma. He manages to base simple geometric patterns on a range of wooden furniture that looks visually complex to the eye. Geo is a table he has featured above that has an interwoven three-dimensional grid with cross bars connecting one point to the next. The design is quite stunning how he was able to create this design. Accomplishing a lot at a young age, he now works out of his one-man shop in Cebu, Philippines. Selma’s work has been commissioned by the princess of his home country as well as Saudi Royalty and the famed South African president and activist, Nelson Mandela. His work has been accredited by Saudi Royalty, the well-known South African president and activist, Nelson Mandela, and with the princess of his home nation. His mark on this world has already caused an impressive stir in the design world.

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