Linear House by Patkau Architects

On Salt Spring Island in the middle of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada, a beautiful house called the Linear House by Patkau Architects resides on a 16-acre farm. This house is separated from left to right by a remote row of gorgeous Douglas fir trees. This piece of architecture is almost invisible when viewed against the dark colors of the trees because of its outer rain screen made out of charcoal colored fibre-cement panels. The interiors are identified with a lucid inner lining created from crystalline acrylic panels. By day, the 40 acrylic skylights attract sunlight into the home creating a soft glow and by night the whole interior is made into a luminescent dream with its fluorescent lights installed within the skylight openings. A set of 6-foot deep blended wood beams support the 28-foot roof canopies and the big openings of 78-feet at either end of the house. These beams reinforce the many top hung sliding aluminum covered door panels. The panels have the flexibility to transform the house into an open-air pavilion during a long period of good weather.


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