NUANCE: six new textures designed by Raffaello Galiotto

The Concept NUANCE was born from the co-operation between Il Casone, a leading company in the sector of extraction and processing of Pietra Serena, and Lithos Design, pioneer of a refined design applied to the natural stone transformation: 6 lithic textures carried out by numerical control machines, and therefore perfectly reproducible, emphasize the aesthetic and tactile potentialities of Pietra Serena. The six 80x40 cm. format models have been designed by the designer Raffaello Galiotto, who has created a project able to exalt the light-shadow contrast, by animating the surface and by creating infinite nuances of grey. Vello, Vena, Scorcio, Tartan, Risma and Crine interpret the new trends of design matching the minimalist taste with a rediscovery of materialism, exalted by veins, undulations, light and shadow games.


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