Summer Stage in Estonia

This summer stage is made entirely out of timber batons. Located near Kadarik Tüür Arhitektd studio in Estonia, this theatre sits up to 420 people and is surrounded by the peacefulness of the lake and poised trees. The architectural goal was to provide a closed, comfortable and intimate space between the audience and the actors for the total of the 12 productions. The stage was created so to tie in with the landscape, and to accentuate the performances. Light colored 50 x 50mm timber was used because it can be easily dismantled, allows for the changing of lighting without hindering the shows and because of its natural essence. The theme of this summer project is beginning with 20th century futurism and young poets and is conveyed from a different angle so to portray a complicated era on European history. Concluding this project, the set will be dismantled, timber rods recycled and the excess material stored for later use.


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