A Craftsman made contemporary

New York Times architectural critic Herbert Muschamp coined the term “parabuilding” to describe buildings that merge old with new to create something altogether. Muschamp likened the term to the concept of a parasite that feeds off a host, with the older building acting as the host and the newer addition as the parasite that interacts with it organically. A Boulder, Colo.-homeowner saw parabuilding as a solution to turning his early 20th century Craftsman-style bungalow into his dream home … while conforming to Boulder’s famously strict historic preservation building codes. A perfect fit for Muschamp’s parabuilding remodel, Boulder-based Arch 11’s design solution eliminated 49.9 percent of the original home (Boulder codes allow for a maximum of 50 percent when a home is historic) and gained the owner the light and space he craved while retaining the original qualities of the house he loved. The home’s second story was enlarged and the main floor was opened up. Along the way, the home’s layout was simplified and made more efficient.

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