A modern concrete beach house

Pitsou Kedem Architects together with Tanju Özelgin designed the Herzelia Pituah 4 House in Israel. A modern and minimalistic building that completely eliminates the accepted barrier between the inside and the outside and hides, within its restrained spaces, a dramatic atmosphere and wide open spaces. The house was built as a vacation home for a family living abroad. It is situated directly on the coast on a 10,764 square foot (1,000 square meters) plot of land in the center of the country. The buildings architectural design is based on three central masses at a total of 6,458 square feet (600 square meters) that surround a large internal courtyard with a swimming pool at its center. The masses comprise the border and the barrier between the street, the neighbors and the home’s interior and between the internal courtyard and those same spaces. The central theme was to create dynamic walls that allow, on the one hand, the elimination of the boundary between the central courtyard and the internal spaces, and on the other hand, the creation of a changing and dynamic facade that allows for the total closure of the façade or different levels of exposure or concealment.

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