Amazing Animal Photography by David Boni

These animal portraits from David Boni show the essence and character of each animal as if they were speaking to you. Advertising photographer and commercials director, Boni says “one of my favorite clients called to say he wanted me to create an Image of a camouflaged cow for a whiskey, the idea was to be called ‘The Military Coo’ a shameless but hilarious pun to Illustrate the notion that Fidel Castro’s favorite drop was Ardbeg. So we hired a brilliant graffiti artist called Mutly… and he painted her using brushes and water based paints. (I’d like to add at this point that it was all under the watchful eye of a member RSPCA.) Primrose (the cow) loved it, she thrived on the attention and we got a stunning shot and an amazing response to the final image. And, so, the idea for me to do dignified portraits of animals was born.”


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