Botanist Minimal: All Wood Bench

Botanist Minimal: All Wood Bench Design by Dario Antonioni Bench available for $299.00 (MSRP $799.00) for a limited time: See more information at: The Botanist Minimal is constructed from sustainably harvested poplar and high-grade engineered veneers. The refined Botanist Minimal has been designed so that no hardware is visible and it’s composed of two distinct elements, a formed bent wood sleeve and a structural brace. Smartly engineered spring loaded pins within the brace secure the two elements. Each Botanist Minimal comes with a distinctive brushed aluminum signature medallion. The Inspiration: Botanist Minimal is a reinterpretation of our original all aluminum outdoor bench which was originally conceived for the contract furnishings market. Since its launch the aluminum bench has been specified for use in retail stores, spas, parks and even airports! It’s also won some coveted design awards along the way. Over and over we’ve had many requests to make an all-wood version of Botanist for use in residential interior. The Art of Reduction: The minimalistic design is based on a reduction based design process where we examined a typical bench and rigorously reduced it into its essential elements. In the case of Botanist Minimal only two basic components are meaningful to produce a functional bench. Those components are 1) a bent wood top which transitions into the structural legs and 2) a center rib for additional stability and rigidity. The end result is beautiful with the two basic elements working harmonious together.


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