For the Love of Motorcycles

These miniature wooden motorcycles are incredibly detailed, polished and their toned wood would be great for any motorcycle lover, miniature car collector or anyone that admires craft. From Lvov, Vyacheslav Voronovich always dreamed of owning a motorcycle and rode his first one in the seventh grade. Having an interest in hand-made miniatures and developing a passion for woodcarving, Voronovich started to create his dream motorcycles. His ever growing hobby of creating miniature pieces of art was actually inspired by miniatures he had seen online. Curious to see if he could make a miniature out of wood, Voronovich made a 1:12 scale wooden motorcycle and has been sticking to it ever since. As with any craftsman, Voronovich refined and improved his skill overtime. Finding out the best texture of wood is what Voronovich believes to be the crucial element for his art, as each kind of wood has its own unique characteristics. Currently working with new wood-bending technology to make the handlebars (one of the hardest parts) and frames Voronovich does a magnificent job which is definitely recognizable.


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