Luxurious Camping Reclaimed

For too long, the ruggedness of camping adventures have been associated with the grueling weather, nasty gnats, and sleepless nights. Open your eyes for the new wave of glamorous camping or "Glamping" where rugged patina design meets sustainable construction. Reclaimed Space is now finishing up work on a “Glam Tent” for Dunton Hot Springs Resort outside of Durango, Colorado using reclaimed wood, windows and doors. The build includes a prefabricated bathroom and front facade married to a canvas tent, allowing cross-wind cooling. To date, the company has deconstructed over 10 homes, 8 small-medium barns, and the 8,000 square-foot Shiner Livery Stable. This gives new life to old materials in the form of unique and beautiful projects.


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Reclaimed Space

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