Minus K House by KUU

A private abode expels multifarious creativity as the 'Minus K House' stands tall in Nanhui, China. Designed by Shanghai design studio KUU (Kok-meng tan and Satoko Saeki), the weekend home and residence is a series of 3m by 3m volumes that integrate with each other to create a permeable, harmonious circulation from within. This space allows for an ample amount of interaction with it's residents. It was once two separate homes, but now connects together with a large table acting as a centerpiece to the entire space. A set of courtyards and two kitchens reside at the table's four corners which create an environment of cooperation as the families have the ability to face each other through a diagonal opening. The home also contains passageways of each room with its cube-shaped deposition that glides into each other creating an intellectual space of freedom and exposure. Yet, the home still attains to a certain amount of privacy as the affairs of both houses were put at a considerate distance.

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