Pick Up Planter by Jason Phillips

One, two, buckle my shoe.Do you know how the song continues? Three, four, shut the door. Five, six, pick up sticks... Pick Up Sticks is a game of physical and mental skill. A bundle of sticks are held in a loose bunch and release on a table top, falling in random disarray. It is the basis for Pick Up Planter, which marries an amorphic vessel with a seemingly random ring of rods. Although the appearance is random, the way the configuration is achieved is quite mathematical. I find the advanced molding and manufacturing of this organic piece to be intriguing. Pick Up Planter measures dia20x16"h and is made from artist-grade resin. Finished in a glossy black lacquer with orange dowels. Other finishes can be custom ordered. Will be produced and distributed by award-winning US-based company Phillips Collection. Pricing and availability available upon request.

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Materialized by

Jason Phillips

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