Toledo Apt Renovation by Romero Vallejo Arquitectos

Romero Vallejo Arquitectos have renovated a home located in the Historic Center of Toledo, Spain. These architects wanted to rejuvenate an apartment dated from the Baroque era of the mid-eighteenth century which had poor masonry of the wooden framing on the exterior walls and a false ceiling hurdle. The project consisted of two goals of trying to provide as much square meters allowed within the planning regulations and to attract as much natural light as possible into the home. To achieve these goals, these designers consolidated the original apartment's boxroom and stairs to the house while also adding a new sun room to the deck. This added more space under the deck which was taken down then rebuilt to access the maximum height limit. The interior disposition of the house encloses around the living room and renders natural light into the house so that home dwellers can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Spain from the inside.


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