Aqua Bead Bracelet

Blue Bead Dowsing Pendulum; Blue Bead Pendant; Adventurine Bead Pendant; Blue Marble Swivel Pendant; Blue Sun Belt Buckle; Blue Vortex Belt Buckle; Red Vortex Belt Buckle; Big Bang Belt Buckle;Pentangle Belt Buckle; Blue Marble Swivel Pendant; Burning Man Belt Buckles Burning Man Belt Buckles,blue bead Belt Buckle with Glass Bead Belt Buckles Art Nouveau Buckle Gecko Buckle Celtic Buckle with Twisted Motif Scarab Belt Buckle Aqua Bead Bracelet Blue Bead Bracelet Celtic Bracelet Convex Cuff,prototype Convex Cuff Convex Cuff 2 Hollow Forged Cuff Machined Cuff Losing Patina Single Undulating Line Cuff Hollow Forged Stainless Cuff,large Hollow Forged Woman's Cuff Machined Cuff with patina Martins Torc Buffer Torc Ribbon Torc w/ Button Finials Ring Torc Twisted Torc w/ Globular Finials Celtic Torc-six strand weave Woven Torc w/ Button Finials Forged Tube Torc Woven Torc w/ Zoomorphic Finials Celtic torc with stamped finials Celtic Torc from hexbar Heavy Woven Torc with Triskele finials Laras Torc Twisted Torc with blue beads Scarab Pendant Jadelias Pendant Delta Barnacle Pendant Triskele Limpet Pendant Lucian's Pendant Lucian's Pendant on Ophelia Vine of the Soul Pendants Morpheus Pill Box Acorn Pendant Cylindrical Container w/ Aqua Glass Bead Celtic Beads Celtic Hairpin Sea Foam Barrete Red Triskelion Barrette Celtic Dress Fasteners Art Nouveau Cuff Forged Stainless Steel Finger Rings Stainless Steel Rings The cuff part is hollow forged stainless steel,which means it started out as 1" round tubing and as I forged it ,I drew it around a form the exact dimension of my wrist in section.The hole has been drilled in it to 1.25 in diameter to receive the bezel setting. The glass bead has two preformed rings that sandwich the bead firmly.That fabrication is done separately and arc-welded into the cuff last.I have a neat trick I've perfected where I can arc weld right next to glass, then drop it in water IMMEDIATELY and the glass doesn't shatter.Believe me it takes some practice and you have to be dextrous and fast,but this piece is a good example of how cool it is when it works...


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