Quarterre's Unique Bike Stands

A unique way for bike storage, Hood, Shadow and Branchline bike support systems combine cycling culture with interior design. The four Quarterre designers who created these models had an intricate and precise eye to develop them with the highest quality materials and hand-finished leather detailing. These stands adapt to any environment as they were designed to blend in well at home or at work. Hood has an architecturally faceted hook to hang your bike as a wall mount. Protection for your bike is included within the inner bracket that allows for a lock while a shelf for a helmet and accessories is provided from the uppermost surface. Branchline allows for versatility as it accommodates a vertical storage for two bikes on two sets of adjustable arms. Their model Shadow has a cantilevered form sculpted from a single sheet of folded steel that caters to most wheel sizes also allowing the bike to easily roll into position.

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