TIND: eco-friendly End Table by FINNE Architects

The TIND End Table is a small, eco-friendly table with a strong visual presence. The recycled steel top has been waterjet-cut with an intricate pattern that creates vivid light and shadow patterns. The shapes of the bamboo legs are determined by the patterning in the steel top, and each of the fourteen legs passes through the steel top and then is cut flush. Seen from above, the carbonized bamboo creates an arresting pattern that is juxtaposed against the other perforations in the steel. Every table needs fourteen legs! Bamboo has become known as the quintessential “rapidly renewable” raw material, since bamboo is a rapidly-growing grass, not a wood product. The carbonized finish is created by heating the bamboo, which turns the light color to a rich caramel color. Dimensions: 17” high, 15”x15 overall size Credits Design: Nils Finne, AIA, FINNE Architects, Seattle Photography: Benjamin Benschneider

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