Cheval Noir Housing

The innovative minds of two creative architectural companies combined to make a housing dream for artists in Brussels, Belgium. The Hallemans Breweries have been transformed into two buildings consisting of 31 housing units including an in-house workspace by L’Escaut and Atelier Gigogne. A unique dynamic exudes this space as a network of staircases and corridors crosses the courtyard and the brewery to each doorstep beginning at each wing. Integration between the structural and architectural components of the old brewery create a needed dialogue for modern living. New openings in the old walls open up the southern wall and bring in ultimate light with a view. The decrepit chimney was revamped into a barbecue in service to creating a meeting place for residents. Privacy of the apartments is permitted after one of the floors from the circulation core is detached from the nineteen units that are interlocking duplexes. Artists can appreciate the urban morphology of the canal surroundings in this Brussels-Capital Region with the quality of space represented here.


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