Energy Smart Housing Innovation: The Swedish Way

Holger Gross, one of Sweden’s trusted experts on building and a veteran of the forest products industry, wrote this book to introduce the basic considerations of building an “energy smart house” in Sweden. This translation is valuable because there are not endless practical ways to build energy smart houses. Contained in this book are the technical concepts that Swedes not only have figured out, but tested and proven in the marketplace. Understanding the Swedish accomplishment in building energy performance is the equivalent of “not reinventing the wheel”. This book is written as an overview, but it is an overview of one of the world’s most advanced house building industries, giving us a glimpse of where we need to go in the rest of the world. It belongs in the library of anyone interested in the critical challenge of saving energy and improving comfort in housing. Consider it as an introduction to one of the best kept secrets in green building: The Swedish house.


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