Lamboo in Interior Design

Interior designers and architects have found great uses for our engineered bamboo product as an alternative to hardwoods and synthetics. In today’s economy, businesses and homes worldwide are being built with energy efficient appliances, renewable resources, and other innovative technologies. Lamboo Panels & Veneer are another option to build continuity into your sustainable designs. Optimal interior and exterior design uses are as follows: * Lamboo Furniture * Lamboo Wall Coverings * Lamboo Ceiling Materials * Lamboo Cabinetry * Lamboo Decorations * Lamboo Stair Components * Lamboo Exposed Beams * Lamboo Windows and Doors * Lamboo Elevator Cabins The strength of Lamboo compares favorably to that of premium hardwoods to provide another alternative for the environmentally conscious builder. Lamboo is workable, durable, and offers anti-microbial properties ideal for high traffic applications. Due to Lamboo’s proprietary process and the natural attributes of bamboo, our product has high stability under extreme temperature, climate, and humidity changes. This technology and innovative mentality has resulted in a product that has exceptional strength, uniformity, and aesthetic appeal. As contemporary trends show, people today want choices. Lamboo Panels & Veneer offer the versatility of 3 Grain types, 3 solid color choices, and stain matching capabilities to fit your designs. For additional information send us an email at


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