Sprout: Kid Buildable Furniture

Sprout is kid buildable furniture. Sprout’s philosophy, play.think.grow, is based on the belief that we learn by interacting with our surroundings, so we should create surroundings that lend themselves to interacting with. To some furniture is a fixture. To us it is a toy. It is a way of interacting and learning. Simple and Engaging Sprout is designed to be simple: simple to make, simple to use. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble, making moving and storage easy. No tools or hardware are required, so you don’t need anything to build it. Joints that use pressure and friction to stay together make assembly fast and easy, with no tools and no hardware to lose. Components are interchangeable, allowing you to change the color, style, or even functionality of your furniture. This lets you be the designer. Sustainable Design We believe that less is better. Our furniture products are made from pre consumer recycled wood. Parts are nested in sheets to optimize usage and minimize waste. Products are flat-packed to reduce shipping costs. And by making them in the US, there is less shipping to start with. Our packaging is made from paper products which is biodegradable. Inspiration My love of discovering, creating, and inventing started sitting on the floor in the middle of a pile of Legos. These tiny pieces were my medium of creativity, just like paint, clay, or the keys on a piano. They could be put together, then rearranged, and reformed to create something new time and time again. My mom would frequently tell me and my siblings that, "Lego's are to make and break." The value of Legos was not what we created, but that became creators. Legos took me from playing with trucks to building trucks, from dreaming to doing, and the more we do the more we allow ourselves to dream. What is so great about legos? They lower the barriers to creativity. I don’t have to expensive tools, or honed skills to build.It released the inventor in me. That’s what great toys do. They don’t just entertain. They inspire. They enable. They build confidence in young minds. All of the greats have: Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, Erectors Sets, Legos, K’nex. Sprout is taking an everyday object and bringing it down to a level that kids can now build and create as opposed to simply use and play with.

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