Art Nouveau Railing

I live in wine country,North of San Francisco amid the bucolic vineyards and quaint pastoral settings which produce that essence so prized by common folk and connoisseurs alike;namely wine. I am a metal sculptor,though fully half my income is from the design and fabrication of Decorative Arts. There is a predilection of Mediterranean themes here in architecture and ambiance,and viticulture forms a focal point for many of the decorative arts. Often I have clients who wish to go beyond the typical "Tuscan" or "Country French"and desire a more energetic expression while still adhering to Wine Country themes. It is for these brave souls that I guide them toward a reconsideration of Art Nouveau. The sensual extravagance and organic motifs of the style lend itself well to the enjoyment of the good life in Sonoma County.As a metal artist,it allows a stretching of my artistic muscles and a rich palette with which to express my skill and fluency in the medium. Long have I studied the icons of that era;Horta,Gaudi,Majorelle,Guimard,Knox,Tiffany,Van de Velde,Lalique etc.and long have I sought to integrate their sinuous language in my own thoroughly modern designs and fabrications. The energy of this style begs one to "stop and smell the roses",to pause and languish over a delightfully mellifluous line in a railing or an intriguing twist of forged steel in a gate or trellis. The hand-wrought quality of each piece gives a stamp of individuality conveying the owners attention to detail,and putting quotation marks around the subtle marriage of form and function.


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Stephen Fitz-Ge

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