Asymmetrical Racer by Carlo Mollino

Far beyond the class of its time, the Bisiluro racing car speeds into the winning circle of style and innovation as Italian extraordinaire Carlo Mollino designed this beauty in 1955 for the Le Man 24-hour endurance race. Embodied with a sleek stucture, this car is encased in an enticingly fire red color with the engine and transmission housed in the left hand body section while the high capacity fuel tank and narrow cockpit is housed on the right. Reticular structures made from lightweight tubular metal join together its two body sections. An air-water thermal exchanger made with thin copper fins forms the aeronautical-type radiator that molds the connection between the two components of this masterpiece. Easy access is available to riders as the lower half of the steering wheel is flat in the cockpit. The heart of this “rosy rocket” accommodates the ingenious aerodynamic brake that consists of a pair of flaps. The operation is controlled by a system of levers that is moved by a pedal to the left of the brake pedal.


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