CalypsoCase, the first community supported iPhone accessory

Two hundred early adopters, spread around the world, helped bring to life a whole new luxury product. CalypsoCase is a premium protective case for the iPhone. Hand crafted from real silver, titanium and premium Italian leather. The CalypsoCase story is like no other. Europe based company CalypsoCrystal, choose the community kickstarter platform CKIE to engage with early adopters. The goal was simple: Creating a stunningly stylish iPhone case. The result  is beyond belief. Luxury aficionados immediately began to contribute to the project. And soon after, CalypsoCrystal begun rolling out amazing CalypsoCase around the globe. CalypsoCrystal is a perfect demonstration that new luxury brands can be established by using new approaches. The tech savvy and highly responsive audience of aspirational buyers already account for a third of all luxury spending. This third of consumers are looking for a different type of engagement. With a kickstarter like approach CalypsoCrystal offered just that. Early adopters are not just ordinary buyers. They are a vital part of the success story.


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