Dent Cube, Nagomi and Japanese wellbeing

Dent Cube, Inax latest new product presented for the first time in Europe at Cersaie 2011 in Bologna (Italy), is a three-dimensional porcelain stoneware cladding that can be used to create walls either indoors or outdoors with a particularly attractive and distinctive indented pattern that offers extensive possibilities for customization. Like other products that Inax has been working with for some time now, Dent Cube is part of the wider concept of Nagomi. This concept has been developed with the help of architect and designer Teruo Yasuda who has brought colour to the product and also come up with the design of the stand. The East is always a source of valuable inspiration and food for thought. Nagomi means tranquillity, peace, a sense of inner calm and serenity. It is a mental state that once reached means that one spontaneously seeks the same wellbeing at the level of the senses. Inax has been working on the notion for Nagomi for some time now, developing collections that have been studied in great detail and designed to be long-lasting. Quality is a prerogative with Japanese products in general at a level that is reached by few in the rest of the world and that is expressed not only in the actual characteristics of the product in terms of form and technical aspects but also in terms of the idea and content behind the design. Harmonious colours to convey a sense of peace of mind, in the version with glass inserts Dent Cube brings together yellows, pinks, reds, blues, light blues and greens. Rigour and poetry. True aesthetics.


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