Gli Ori di Venezia

GOLD OF VENICE The "glass jewels" presented in the collection "Ori di Venezia" represent the natural progression of the company's enormous production of beads. The variety of shapes, colours, lights and shades that glass can create rework the geometry of the female face and figure. Introspection and sensuality seem to come from far away and yield back the most profound and faithful connotations of Venice. Femininity has its representation in a series of necklaces that recover the best of Murano traditions, rethinking its colours and forms with a contemporary sensitivity. The union of modern style and ancient tradition gives birth to beads of extraordinary form and experimental, unusual chromatic combinations and transparencies. Drawing on their large store of forms and elaborations, "Gli ori di Venezia" managed to unite tendencies and techniques, to update and synthesize shapes and colours which, once brought together, become timeless.


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