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Lamboo Inc. is an environmentally conscience company that offers superior quality and service for all of our clients regardless of the scope or size of the project. In order to maintain a high level of excellence we have developed partnerships to customize our logistics to fit each and every order to assure that the needs of the customer are met whether the client be a innovative home builder to a mega-yacht designer and everywhere in between. We strive to offer the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly multi-modal transportation for our products in order to keep costs low for the consumer and limit our impact on the environment. We aim to source our materials from the nearest location possible to fit our clients’ needs. Sourcing is available from Africa, Central and South America, China, India, and Vietnam to ensure the most sustainable logistics for your projects worldwide. Lamboo Inc. is truly an international company in regards to Lamboo standards of quality being universal throughout our operations. Building successful business relationships is only one aim of Lamboo as we strive to maintain our social and environmental responsibilities with our foreign partners to ensure our company is positive on society. Here at Lamboo we understand that people and the environment are our most precious resources and must be cared for in order for us to succeed as a company.


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