Renovated Farm House by EXiT Architetti Associati

Familial comfort now emanates a building in the Treviso countryside of Italy as this home was once a farmhouse. To change it into the elegant dwelling it now is, EXit Architetti Associati first removed the wall plugs and the interior divisions thus reorganizing the inner spaces. A painted iron frame underlines the original arch shape while the same element was used to combine the plaster and wooden surfaces. A clear definition of ambiance transcends this house as everything is organized and neatly connected to a "spinal column" crossing the entire home on the northern wall allowing ease of movement from room to room. The attic and bedrooms are upstairs as they represent a pleasant characteristic of wide spaces to avoid too many subdivisions emphasizing the peculiar spatial traits throughout. A photovoltaic 70 kwh power plant sufficiently energizes the whole building producing adequate heating and cooling as its integrated into the roof spreading all the way to the car parking shelter.


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