The Washington House, Barn Conversion by Russel Groves

A spacious and natural feel exudes a structure that was once a comforting home for farm animals. Designed by Russel Groves, an old barn was brought to Connecticut from Canada and was transformed into a place of residence now called the "Washington House." The origins of the barns' look were kept the same while the data, electrical, and mechanical systems were updated. Antique stairs and a fireplace made of steel highlight the classic feel of this revamped home. A twist of contemporary and stylish furniture create an elegant mixture with the old wood features of the barn. Simplicity exemplifies the kitchen with its mosaic marble walls. A light sculptural touch brings out a modern silhouette of the bath in the bathroom. The pleasantry of an au-courant design exudes this dwelling with its ebony painted furniture and traditional style guest room mixed in with a mod touch.


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