The White Dormitory for Il Vento by Case-Real

The bliss of a calming environment materializes with the 'White Dormitory for Il Vento' on Teshima Island, Japan. Developed by the Fukuoka-based architecture practice Case Real, the structure upholds the original characteristics of the building originally designed by German artist Tobias Rehberger for the 2010 Setouchi international art festival. The focus of the architects reconstruction of this quaint home was to make the most out of the vacant houses increased due to depopulation. The dwelling is apprehended as a dormitory for the restaurant staff of Il Vento while it creates a modern interior space revolved around a central courtyard. This enclosure has been furnished with an elevated terrace with white-washed wood panels for the floor. Residual comfort spreads throughout the home as three private rooms contain individual showers and a kitchenette providing a level of autonomy and solitude for occupants. Interaction within the dwelling is accommodated from the communal lounge of high pitched ceiling once passing through the outdoor courtyard.


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