Artefact's 999 Water Bottle

The 999 water bottle by Artefact is a revolutionary water bottle 999 million times better than your regular plastic bottle able to turn your good will and actions into data that can be visualized on a smartphone app. That’s the logic behind a brilliant conceptual project by Artefact’s director of industrial design, Fernd Van Engelen who developed a concept for a reusable water bottle, dubbed 999bottles, able to help keeping track of non-consumption through a built-in three-dial counter system. Every time the user refills the 999 bottle, the dial can be advanced of one notch. A companion app would then allow to visualize the impact: At eight bottles, the initial purchase will be amortized. At 147, the savings will add up to $326 and seven gallons of oil; stacked lengthwise, they’d reach the height of a 15-story building. A social media burst can be added to the "picture" through extra encouragement coming with the always present (but in a positive way, this time) spirit of competitiveness, with friends competing against one another or joining forces and measuring their collective impact.


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