Nikon Speedlight SB-600 Flash for Nikon Digital SLR

Nikon introduces the Speedlight SB-600, a compact flash jam-choked with spectacular functionality inherited from the renowned SB-800. It is a solid base for the Nikon inventive Lighting System when employed in combination with Nikon D70 or D2H digital SLRs. When employed in combination with Nikon's latest digital SLRs, the D70 or D2H, the Speedlight SB-600 supports Advanced Wireless Lighting as an overseas Speedlight which will be positioned mutually of multiple remote flashes to considerably extend inventive potentialities. to help in such things, the Speedlight SB-600 additionally has 2 prepared Lights located on each the left and right of the front which will be simply seen from a distance. The Speedlight SB-600 also can emit an audible alert for more help.Auto FP High-Speed Sync permits the utilization of Fill-Flash even in bright daylight with wide aperture settings for the achievement of outstanding results and new inventive potentialities, together with the effective blurring for of out-of-focus background parts. An optional color filter set SJ-1 is additionally on the market, permitting imaginative shooting to be pushed even more. White balance is optimized through the utilization of flash color data obtained by the Speedlight. The Speedlight SB-600 additionally options FV lock, which supplies the user the convenience of having the ability to keep up the measured flash worth whereas recomposing the shot to realize the acceptable flash output for the topic.It additionally offers uncomplicated operation created easier by an easy-to-view LCD with solely six buttons, every of that is backlit and straightforward to know. The Nikon Speedlight SB-600 additionally delivers lots of vogue, each in its compact dimensions and a triangular motif according to the Nikon D-SLR theme. The Nikon Speedlight SB-600 comes complete with a Speedlight SB-600 stand and a soft case, whereas 2 flash cables (the SC-29 and SC-28) and therefore the Color Filter Set (SJ-1) are on the market as choices.


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