Object Breast Cancer is a project by artist duo caraballo-farman (Leonor Caraballo and Abou Farman). After Leonor was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, one of her first questions was: what does the tumor look like? The need to face the enemy led her and her husband, Abou, to embark on a pioneering project to visualize breast cancer tumors from the MRI’s of patients and friends. Combining medical imaging, 3D printing and art, they turned this grim diagnosis into an inspiring project. Thanks to prestigious fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation and the New York Foundation for the Arts, a residency at New York City’s leading art and technology center Eyebeam, and the help of radiologists from Weil Cornell and NYU Langone Medical Center, caraballo-farman are the first to have devised a way of “digitally extracting” tumors and turning them into 3D objects that can be printed on rapid prototyping machines. These 3D prints are the basis for the art work and jewelry line of Object Breast Cancer. OBJECT BREAST CANCER (OBC) is based on the conviction that artistic interventions can have important social and psychological effects. OBC believes that tumor visualization can serve as a powerful, direct and innovative way of confronting the aftermath of a disease that affects almost 300,000 women in the US every year. OBC intends its amulets to be empowering, to facilitate dialogue and bring attention to the importance of medical imaging and early detection. Aside from the OBC jewels, the project also includes sculptural and installation work.

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