Carousel - String Lights

Beautiful and colorful string lights hand made from cotton. Allow your head to spin with all the fun of the fair. Colors included are Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Dusty Rose, Ivory, Mushroom Brown, Orange, Salmon Pink, Sky Blue, Soft Pink and Turquoise. Each cable is a transparent string of either 20 bulbs (length of lamps 140cm) or 35 bulbs (length of lamps 240cm), with both sizes complete with an additional 150cm length of cable between the plug and first lamp. The ‘Cotton’ aspect of our product is what gives the string lights their unique charm. Each hollow ball is made of hand-dyed, natural cotton, which is held together with natural gum. An added advantage to our string lights is that if one bulb goes, the remaining lights stay lit, making it quick and easy to locate and change it with one of the provided replacement bulbs.


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