Plas d'Or

The public Restroom CasaDecor 2011 is the new project of the students group who won the FADHabitacola 2011 Award (with the project “Atra-pats pel color”, formed by Mirjam Houweling, JanJacobs, Cynthia Segura and Helena Battestini). The project focuses on the space of the public restroom of Casadecor’s ground floor. This is a double bathroom, combined with circulation area between the restaurant and auditorium. The concept of the project is the contrast, a contrast that is presented in two ways: Light-Dark and Ancient-Contemporary. The perimeter walls are shown in brick with a badly worn parts. The main volume change is made ​​in new materials and finishes, two very polished. The front is covered in gold leaf on the outside and with an installation of light bulbs randomly arranged around the wall. This is the great point of light, which contrasts with the interior of the bathrooms done in dark tones.


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Helena Battesti

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